Frequently Asked Questions – My Account


My Account uses the following security features:
SSL: We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that ensures your connection and information is secure.
Encryption: We strictly enforce 128-bit encryption security levels for users accessing this service. All users accessing this service must ensure that their web browsers are set to enable 128-bit encryption.
Automatic Sign Out: We automatically sign you out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Most of the supported browsers will give you a message box that states the beginning of a secure session. For instance, in Internet Explorer, on the bottom right side of the browser window, you will see an icon that looks like a locked padlock when a session is secured. Another indication your browser is operating in secure mode can be found in the website address. The address will begin with 'http://' in standard, non-secure mode and with 'https://' in secure mode. The 's' in 'https' stands for secure.

We use 128-bit encryption to make your information unreadable as it passes over the Internet. Please click on the following link to see a list of currently supported browsers.

To help ensure your confidential financial information is protected in transit, we encrypt all messages between your browser and My Account. Some browser versions do not support the needed levels of encryption.

We currently accept payments from bank checking and savings accounts, Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards, Discover credit cards and ATM debit cards (only residential customers are eligible to pay using credit and/or debit cards).

Any payment submitted after 3 p.m. Central Standard Time will be processed the following day.

Payments made with an authorized MLGW agent will typically be applied to your account within one hour after payment is submitted.

Yes. An email address is required for enrollment in MLGW's My Account portal service.

Yes. An email confirmation will be sent to the email address you provide.

You will need your 16-digit MLGW account number, the My Account Access Code found on your bill, email address and phone number.

Yes. You can elect to have your account payments automatically withdrawn from your designated account when due.

Yes, as long as you choose the reminder option in your profile. If you have not made a payment through My Account at least five days before payment is due you will receive an email reminder.

Yes. You will receive a paper bill in the mail unless you opt for paperless billing. Going paperless helps the environment, limits clutter and saves on postage costs for MLGW and customers.

Yes, but only if they allow you to do so by providing the necessary information to enroll that account under your username and password. This flexibility enables you to help parents, children and others analyze their billing changes. For businesses and organizations, it allows multiple, authorized people to track information about energy use and costs at your facilities. With multiple accounts under one username, when you login, you then will need to select which account you wish to see in the My Account session.

Log in to My Account, click Accounts. Choose the button that reads "Add Account." Follow the screens to enter your new location's 16-digit MLGW account number and six-digit My Account Access Code. Then, you can keep or delete the account number for your previous address.

Normally, we recommend that customers don't compare their utility bills with neighbors since there are large differences in home size, age, equipment/appliances, number of occupants and lifestyles. The "How Does My Home Compare" bar chart is the exception because it uses energy costs for area homes of similar size, age and equipment. This approach allows you to make a more accurate comparison.

My Account is comprised of several software applications with different updating schedules. Billing and payment information is updated nightly. Information on energy cost per unit is updated weekly. For customers whose bills are produced in the first few days of the month there could be a small delay between when your bill is accessible and when the application has the effective Fuel Cost Adjustment and Purchased Gas Adjustment data to trigger those cost change highlights.

Information from your MLGW bill is posted to My Account the day that the bill is produced. In certain, rare situations, your MLGW bill will not appear in the list of bills available on My Account. For example, if your bill was manually corrected before being sent, it did not go through MLGW's bill printing process and therefore, its information was not exported into the web applications. These manual intervention processes affect less than one percent of the 20,000 bills MLGW produces each day.

There are two possible reasons: the length of billing cycle or the need for a corrected bill. First, check to see if one bill date is very early in the month and the other is very late in the month. Then, check to see if there is a bill listed for the previous or next month. (For example, if you see bills dated 6/30, 8/1 and 8/30, the 8/1 bill is the bill showing your July usage.) If that is not the case, you may be viewing an original bill and a corrected bill that was issued shortly afterwards. Although the corrected bill supersedes the original bill, the original also is maintained in the database so you see both online.

First, use the Sign Out link in My Account to end your session then close your Internet browser and try again. (This really does work most of the time!) If the problem persists, contact our Customer Care Center (residential customers) or Business Solutions Center (businesses and organizations). In your email or call, provide thorough details about the error message you received, the Internet browser and version you used, your device (computer, tablet, smartphone), the error message content, what screen you were on and what you were attempting to do when you encountered the error. The representative will alert our programmers who will investigate to resolve the issue.

My Account is designed to be user-friendly for self-service convenience, but, if you need assistance, contact our Customer Care Center for residential customers (901-544-6549), or our Business Solutions Center for businesses and organizations (901-528-4270) and they will refer you to the appropriate staff to handle your needs.

You can select to receive payment reminders five days before and/or five days after your bill's due date by checking options under My Profile. The application scans for electronic payments made through My Account, and, if no electronic payment is found, issues a reminder email. Payments made through other channels-including checks, at Community Offices and through online banking-are not recognized during this process. If you receive a payment reminder after having paid your bill, check the My Payments link to verify receipt and ignore the email.

If you no longer need access to your MLGW data contact MLGW's Customer Care Center (residential accounts) or Business Solutions Center (businesses and organizations) and request that your User Name be deleted.

No. Once you have registered a User Name, the User Name cannot be edited. It is best to type carefully and verify before you submit. Everything else related to your User Name can be changed at any time including: password, contact information, email preferences, MLGW account number and payment information. Simply login and access the appropriate screens.

Yes. MLGW produces an electronic version of your MLGW bill and posts it online in PDF format where it can be opened with free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Bills can be downloaded and stored electronically or printed and filed based on your needs. My Account makes MLGW bill retrieval so easy that more than 40,000 customers have cancelled their printed bills to save paper and time.

You can manage your enrollment for SMS text notifications regarding your account. Log in to My Account, click Update for each MLGW account you wish to receive text messages and enter the phone number where you would like to receive text alerts. Once you have completed your change, click on Submit, to confirm your changes. Please remember, if you opt to receive SMS text messages from MLGW, message and data rates may apply. You agree to pay any additional charges from your cellular provider that are incurred.

You can manage your enrollment for SMS text notifications regarding your account. Log in to My Account, click Update for each Account you no longer wish to receive text messages for and remove the phone number. Once you have completed your change, click on Submit, to confirm your changes.

Subscription Service available on most carriers including U.S. Cellular, AT&T, Cellular One, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost, MetroPCS, Verizon Wireless, Alltel Wireless and Virgin Mobile.

Started in 2013, Share the Pennies is a voluntary bill round-up program that provides grants for home weatherization projects for low-income MLGW customers.

Participating customers have their utility costs rounded up to the next whole dollar, and the extra change goes toward weatherization grants. For example, if your utility costs are $174.50, your bill is rounded up to $175, and 50 cents would go toward the grant program.
Applications are opened and accepted on an intermittent basis pending program capacity and funding with our partner, MIFA.
For more information visit

As of 2020, the new program has helped over 400 low-income customers with weatherization and energy efficiency repairs.

No. Funds for weatherization improvements are only available for resident homeowners. Rental properties are ineligible.

In 2017, the MLGW Board of Commissioners approved transitioning the program to an opt-out model for all customers.
Since Jan. 1, 2018, all customers are automatically enrolled in the round-up program. Any customer who wishes to do so, can opt out.

The MLGW Neighborhood Advisory Council - led by MLGW customers. They worked with Memphis City Councilwoman Patrice Robinson and the Just Energy Memphis coalition. Its members included representatives from the NAACP, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and the local Sierra Club.
They worked toward a shared goal of finding ways to help some of those most in need in our community. One way to help is to reduce wasted energy in their homes and increase energy efficiency. To increase the amount of good MLGW can do, they suggested making Share the Pennies an opt-out program instead of opt-in.
Councilwoman Robinson proposed such a resolution to the Memphis City Council. The council passed the resolution with a 10-0 vote. The MLGW Board of Commissioners voted to approve the proposed changes on Feb. 22, 2017.

Yes. Any customer may opt out of the Share the Pennies round-up program. Here's how to opt out or opt in:
If you have an MLGW My Account
Click the Opt In/Out button above, log in to your account and then scroll to the bottom and click the Share the Pennies icon. Click the "Update" button and then move the slider to "No" and click "Submit" if you do not wish to donate to the program. Move the slider to "Yes" if you wish to donate to the program.
If you DO NOT have an MLGW My Account
Residential Customers can call MLGW at (901) 544-6549 and follow the prompts. Commercial Customers can call MLGW at (901) 528-4270 and follow the prompts. At the main menu, say, "Share the Pennies" or speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Customers are automatically enrolled in the round-up program.

On average, customers give about 50 cents per month. In an entire year, most customers average about $6 for the entire year. The most any customer could give through rounding up in 12 months of billing is $11.88 total.

No. Rental properties are ineligible. For information about weatherization for rental units in accordance to the City of Memphis Rental Ordinance, call 322-5757.

No. Share the Pennies remains a voluntary program, as it has always been. The only difference is that customers will now be enrolled by default. Any customer who wishes to opt out will be able to do so. See opt out options above.

Many low-income customers in our community struggle with a high "energy burden" - meaning they use a higher percentage of their resources to pay for home energy costs, like basic heating and cooling. This is due to a combination of poverty and energy-inefficient homes - even though MLGW provides some of the lowest combined utility rates in the nation.
Older homes weren't designed to be energy efficient, and homeowners who can't afford simple maintenance are unable to reduce wasted energy, which leads to higher utility bills, making it even harder to maintain their homes. This is especially true for homeowners who are elderly or disabled.
Share the Pennies, sponsored by MLGW and MIFA, provides grants for low-income customers to make basic energy efficiency improvements (e.g., fixing broken windows, replacing insulation, or repairing a furnace). Though most customers donate only about 50 cents per month, it adds up to be life-changing for those who receive the help. Share the Pennies does not provide bill assistance. These are energy-efficiency grants for residents who own their homes.

MIFA has information about program eligibility available on their website. Visit to learn more.

On Track is a payment program provided by MLGW designed to help residential customers with limited incomes manage debt and pay off their MLGW bill over time. The program focuses on energy conservation education, financial management and social services assistance.

On Track is designed to help residential customers with limited incomes manage debt and pay off their bills over time. On Track takes the customer’s outstanding debt and divides it into smaller payments to make it easier to pay. Each month, the customer pays a portion of their old bill, in addition to their current month bill.

On Track is designed to aid residential customers with limited finances and a bill over $600 maintain services, get services reconnected or reestablished. In addition to managing debt, the program provides referrals to aid customers with social services to address other customer concerns such as utility assistance, employment, job training, etc.

No, the program is free but customers must apply and meet eligibility guidelines.

  • A utility bill more than $600
  • Only one active account
  • Steady income not exceeding 200% of the federal poverty guidelines or steady income and impacted by COVID-19 pandemic
  • MLGW Life Support customers are ineligible
  • Customers enrolled in the PrePay program are ineligible
  • Customers who have filed bankruptcy within the last 6 years are only eligible in accordance with MLGW COVID-19 Customer Care policies.

  • Identification for all household members
  • Proof of income
  • Verification of housing

NOTE: Once approved, customers must attend a mandatory one-time orientation before being enrolled in the program.

  • One-on-one personal assistance from an MLGW On Track service advisor with issues related to your MLGW account.
  • Information on budgeting and saving energy at home
  • Deferred billing plans (DEFB) for up to three years
  • Deposit credited back to the account after successful graduation from the program
  • Social services referral

Once you are removed from the program or graduate, you cannot re-apply until three years after your removal/graduation date.

Contact On Track at (901) 528-4820 or
Follow us on Facebook @MLGWOnTrack for more detailed information and resources or visit

Acceptable forms of identification are included in the table below. One of the two IDs must be a valid and discernible Photo ID.

State issued ID:
  • Driver’s license
  • Tennessee driver’s certificate
  • Hunting, fishing, or gun license
  • Child support debit card
  • Official state ID card
U.S. Government issued ID:
  • Social Security card
  • Passport or Passport card
  • VISA or Alien registration card
  • Military discharge papers
  • IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Medicaid or Medicare ID card
Other ID:
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Voter’s registration card
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer card (EBT)
  • Employer ID card or Consular ID card

MLGW does not accept Residential Service Agreements by fax or email. Legal signature requirements do not allow acceptance of a Residential Service Agreement by fax or email.

For your convenience, the Residential Service Agreement and Identification may be submitted via a secure online account at, click “Accounts” and then click “Service Agreement.” To login, enter your username and password or sign up for an online account. To sign up, you will need your MLGW account number and access code found on your utility bill or obtained from a MLGW representative.

For immediate reconnection, contact Customer Service at 901-544-MLGW (6549) for assistance on submitting the required documentation.

Required documentation may be submitted via a secure online account at, click “Accounts” and then click “Service Agreement.” To login, enter your username and password or sign up for an online account. To sign up, you will need your MLGW account number and access code found on your utility bill or obtained from a MLGW representative.

No, we can put service only in the name of the person making the application (Customer of Record). The Customer of Record may add co-applicants. Two forms of valid identification are also required for the co-applicants.

Memphis, Light, Gas and Water (MLGW) truly appreciates your business, and we are grateful for the trust you have placed in us. The Federal Trade Commission's Red Flag Rulings mandate that utility providers properly identify all customers to help safeguard them from one of the country's fastest growing crimes − Identity Theft.

The Residential Service Agreement (RSA) is a pledge that you will pay for service(s) as measured by Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division's metering devices in accordance with the applicable rates and charges as specified in MLGW's rate schedule for the above account and any account in your name. The RSA is required in addition to any other service agreements.

MLGW uses this information to run a credit assessment. All residential customers must establish credit before we connect service(s). For new customers, we run a credit assessment at the time of application to help verify your identity and to determine whether a security deposit is required.

For existing customers, we will evaluate your payment history to determine whether a security deposit is required.